About Us

Tiny House Craft Company is a small business in central Illinois.

Amber is just a chick who has been making all kinds of stuff since she was a kid. Jeremy is a disabled Navy Veteran with a passion for engineering and woodworking.

Together, they have been creating and selling custom items for almost 20 years. They are passionate about designing, fabricating and delivering quality custom orders to their customers. Personalizing items is their primary specialty and many of those products make it to the store.

Many of the designs come from their own life experiences. Amber and Jeremy have both loved to create things since they were children. Humor is the basis of their lives and that is reflected in the work you see. They were married in September 2017 and made everything for the wedding themselves. Signs, invitations, bouquets and even the alter.

Amber and Jeremy looked forward to starting their family and were so excited to be expecting a daughter. Tatum Kaye was born in April of 2021, but passed due to a chromosome defect. As if that tragedy wasn't enough, in August they lost their nephew in an auto accident. These devastating life events led them to create memorial items for loved ones. 

Amber and Jeremy are proud supporters of military, law enforcement and first responders.  They are actively involved in these communities and give back to those who serve our country.  Tiny House Craft Company provides engraved, wooden badges to be displayed at the memorial services of fallen law enforcement officers.  The badges are then gifted to the families of the fallen.  

Go ahead, laugh. No matter the situation, Amber and Jeremy look for a way to find humor in their life. And what about the sass you see in some of their products? Well, you can thank their nieces and nephews for that.  The kids love hanging in the shop and coming up with creative designs or showing off the things they like.  So why not take those designs and turn them into something they can share them with the world! [The kids receive a kickback, if they make a sale. Tiny House believes in encouraging kids to do what they love, while understanding the value of running a business.]

From love to loss, happy to sad, and sweet to sassy, this Tiny House likes to offer a little bit of everything. 

Our production consists of several different delivery methods:

  • CNC [Basically a big machine that can cut and engrave wood and stuff]
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • Heat Transfers
  • Sublimation
  • Digital File Creation
  • Laser Printing/Cutting
  • Adobe Design work

Our products include:

  • Apparel (Shirts, Hats, Bags, etc.)
  • Flags
  • Drinkware
  • Wood Signs
  • Cutting Boards
  • Digital Downloads
  • Converting pictures to SVG
  • Watch Bands
  • Phone Cases
  • Keychains
  • Memorial Items
  • And more!